Staying strong under pressure

(HCG Hormone Free Diet (Phase 2 – Day 3)

I gave myself a pep talk before I went out to “Stay strong under pressure.” I was going out with my wife and a stack of friends to celebrate her 40th birthday.

If ever there was a time to take a leave pass from a diet it would be at your wife’s 40th birthday, out at a great venue in a Cabana with a bar seven steps away and a whole bunch of incredible people having a great time. Continue reading Staying strong under pressure

The best words ever – “You Win!”

I am a little competitive so when I was approaching the end of my first Fast Loss 40 days on HCG drops I started to think about records. I wrote to my coach Angeline and asked her the best weight loss she has had before and 18.3kg was the previous record. That is huge, but not as huge as my 18.4kg. Now I know that my weight loss was only 100g higher but that is enough for a competitive man. It was the next comment that won my heart. Continue reading The best words ever – “You Win!”

End of Phase 2 – Round 1

So 43 days of eating 500 calories per day and taking pregnancy drops and the results are in. 18.4kg and the physical adjustment. I have decided to upload photos of me in my underwear, I guess that kind of makes me an underwear model. However, be warned, I have put them in the “read more” section so that it’s your choice if you want to look. You’ve been WARNED! Continue reading End of Phase 2 – Round 1

If I do something EXTREME I want EXTREME results

I am starting to feel a little deflated as the weight loss has stalled significantly after such a rapid start. I lost 10kg in 15 days and now I have lost just 1.2kg in the past 10 days. I know 1.2kg is normally a great weight loss but I am only freaking well eating 500 calories per day, I want EXTREME results for that. Continue reading If I do something EXTREME I want EXTREME results

Watching guys eat ribs just doesn’t taste the same

az bucks party ribsI love my mate Az, I love that he has found the love of his life in Bec and that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. I love that he had a bucks party with go-karts, ribs and beer, and I love the fact that I was invited. I don’t love the fact that I am on a strict diet during the bucks party. Continue reading Watching guys eat ribs just doesn’t taste the same

Fatman’s First Public Confession

My first public confession was a little surprising. 148 likes, 63 comments, and what started as simply a joke quickly became something of a massive community of friends cheering me on. I am still not sure if my feeling about this is encouraged or bemused but it is pretty cool to think people care about my health. This is what I wrote: Continue reading Fatman’s First Public Confession

I am a fat man who needs to burn the fat half off. 163kg start, 80kg finish. Join the journey of a fat man shrinking.